Mr Jay Dungeni

This is how you do managed letting services. Accessible, personalised service! I worked in London, in a lot of meetings - knowing that he was accessible and amenable to communicating by text made life so much easier. Always smiling and paid attention to the small little things you wouldn’t get from the bigger companies. A local company providing a great service to the community. It has been a pleasure renting through your company!

Mr Roberto Vanetti

I can see most of the reviews are from the landlords point of view, but I can say my personal experience as a tenant has been very positve.

The few situations reported have been addressed in a timely way compared to my experience with bigger agencies, and Jason went the extra mile to help me when I had to end the tennancy.

I really had the feeling of an agent who works for both sides. 

Thank you!

Monika Zydorowicz

The best service you can ask for. Simply :)

Mr M Eldolify

Amazing team, special shoutout to Jason.

By far the best agent I have let with so far; extremely professional, friendly, supportive and accommodating.

Always willing to help and go the extra mile. Highly recommended

Roger and Julia King

We have been working with Jason Baker for several years, he is letting agent for our two flats, so we thought it was about time we let people know what a friendly, efficient and helpful person Jason is.

He is always available and meets our needs, whether it's to find a new tenant or to solve some small local issue we may have.

We would highly recommend him to other new or existing landlords.

We had previously tried bigger agents but you just don't get the personal and senior continuity that you get with Jason Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Martin

We had our property let through Bakers for several years and then went on to sell through them.
Jason managed our property whilst renting and he was always extremely kind, professional and always available to answer questions and help with maintenance issues and with any queries from the tenants.
When we decided to sell, Jason handled the sale for us, corresponded with the tenants and we had a seamless handover from renting to selling.
Jason was excellent at communicating with the buyers and solicitors until the sale went through.
We would highly recommend Bakers Sales and Lettings.

Mr Ionut Bazu

Quick and easy to deal with.

Very helpful at all times.

Me and family had a great experience with them and definitely recommend it.

Mrs Meldy Perciano

Jason has been a very good agent to us.

He is approachable and willing to give assistance if required. He managed well the property we used to rent and give time to listen to our concerns.

Keep up the good work

Mrs Althea Aquino

Very reliable.

I'm grateful with Jason as he have been very helpful.

He made the process very easy.

I would definitely recommend him!

Mr. Andy Miles

After a nightmare experience in our last property, we found a property through Jason, what a complete opposite to what we had put up with.

Jason was professional and helpful, communication was easy, phone calls answered, texts and emails responded to promptly.

When we checked in, we noticed a few snags and they are in the process of being sorted out, none of this 'Oh we need 6 quotes and the landlord still wants to haggle, and can you pay for it and claim it back from next month's rent' We had been putting up with.

We would highly recommend Jason if you are looking to rent, finally an agent who cares.