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..... to selling or renting your property


We all cherish our homes, and as probably our most valuable asset we will ever own, will want to be able to get the maximum return whether you are selling or letting it.

If you would like us to provide you with a more personal and in-depth review of your own property, then we would be delighted to arrange this for you. Just call or email us to arrange a convenient time.

You don’t have to spend lots, but invest some time now and it will save you time and money later. It’s amazing how many people will drive off even before they get inside a property or move on to another property when they are searching on the internet. Don’t let your property become one of them.

It only takes most people 10-15 seconds to decide to whether they love a property or not, so you have very little time to impress them.

Here are some our thoughts and ideas on how best to present your property which have been gained from many years of experience and feedback which we have received from viewers of properties.

kerb appeal

Remember that first impression’s really count.

Stand back and take a look at your property from the outside and ask yourself “What sort of impression does my house give?”

  • Tidy the garden of any rubbish and leaves and cut the grass.

  • Put some pots with cheerful flowers by the front door and don’t forget to water them.

  • Clear the gutters of moss and weeds as this helps stop any dripping gutters.

  • Paint and clean the front door.

  • Get rid of the gnomes or any ornaments that could be off putting.

sniffs smells

Ask a friend to have a sniff around your property and don’t get offended if they say it does smell here or there. It’s better them, than a buyer.

  • Pets (dogs, cats, hamsters etc) – Keep them out of the way of a prospective viewer or better still take the dog for a quick walk. Some people don’t like them and they can cause a distraction.

  • If you are a smoker, avoid smoking inside the house at all costs.

  • Smell damp? It will be picked up on a buyer’s survey, so best to get a professional in to get it sorted out beforehand.

  • Check any down pipes when it rains to see where the rainwater runs off and that it’s not running down your walls.

  • Clean and clear your fridge from strong smells.

  • Put used nappies in outside bins only.

  • Use a natural scented candle or put a fresh pot of coffee on prior to a viewing appointment.


Sensible pricing of your property will help it to sell or let quicker and this will maximise the interest generated in your property.

clean tidy
  • Bleach toilets. Don’t use the bathroom just before a viewer arrives.
  • Clean the sink, shower and shower curtain and pay particular attention to removing any black mould growth. Re-grout if it’s not cleanable.

  • Vacuum and/or steam clean the carpets.

  • Be ruthless – Sort out the things that you don’t need and have a real de-clutter. Arrange to put anything extra you want to keep into storage. This is a great time to have a sort out as anything that moves with you has also got to fit into the removal van aswell. The more items you have, the larger the removal van needed. Increasing your floor space will improve the overall feel of the property and as the Americans say ‘Clutter eats equity’.

  • Dust and clean any mirrors.

  • Replacing misted up double glazed window panes, cleaning the windows inside and out and removal of net curtains can increase light into the room by up to 30%.

finish odd jobs
  • Oil doors and door locks.

  • Paint the chip marks.

  • Fix the wonky shelves.

  • Mend any squeaky floor boards.

  • Fill any cracks in the walls and make good.

depersonalise neutralise

A viewers needs to be able to visualize a home as their own and will struggle if it is full of lots of your own personal items. Remember that they will only make a decision on the space they can see.

  • Get rid of really busy wallpaper, but don’t paint over it as it can be twice as hard to remove later.

  • Reduce photos and personal items.

  • Neutralize the walls to natural lighter tones in order to show space and light.

  • Avoid harsh lighting – Use softer mood lighting and lamps to create a pleasing atmosphere.

  • If using low energy light bulbs, be sure to turn them on early enough in order for them to ‘warm up’ and provide a good room light.

  • Put outside lights on in the Winter months so your property can be easily found- you don’t want the viewer to drive off because they couldn’t find the house.

  • Replace blown light bulbs promptly.

  • Use mirrors to reflect light in to the property.


Remember your property is selling a lifestyle.

  • Position furniture in order to allow the viewer to move more freely and show off the space.

  • Make sure that the furniture reflects the rooms purpose (i.e. dining table in dining room).

  • Dress the areas with stylish extras like tactile cushions and throws.

  • Remove rugs in order to show floor space.

  • Turn the television off and the radio on to provide a relaxing background.

showing around

Provide us with a key. We are very experienced and highly trained on how best to show your property in order to actively sell the benefits that it offers.

  • This will make the viewer feel much more relaxed and more likely to spend more time in the property to visualize themselves living there.

  • It will be easier for you, as sometimes viewers can ask some questions you don’t want to answer.

  • It will save you time and the trouble of having to be in when someone wants to view.

  • Relax. Some properties go quickly and some take a bit longer. There is always some degree of luck involved. Be patient and try to let life go on. If you implement some or all of these ideas, then you will already be several steps ahead of the competition.

    If you would like us to provide you with a more personal and in depth review of your own property, then just give us a call or email us to arrange a convenient time.

    Good luck with your move.


I had my property let through Bakers for many years and needed to sell. Fortunately Jason secured the sale with my tenants, so everyone was happy. Throughout my time renting and then selling I found Jason to be extremely kind and patient always available to answer questions and helped me enormously with chasing the solicitors and completing the sale. Would highly recommend Baker Sales and Lettings.

Mrs Barbara Crook

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